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The Friedman Press is dedicated to publishing only the most revolutionary writings in philosophy, poetics, and political theory of the 21st century.


Founder & Owner of THE FRIEDMAN PRESS


GEDDY FRIEDMAN is a modern-day Polymath and Renaissance man. He was born in New York City and showed early signs of artistic ability and creative expressiveness, first as an award-winning artist, and then as a writer being published nationally with his very first poem at age nine. By his teens he was a self-taught drummer and embarked on expanding his writing talents into existential epic poetry.

Over the years Friedman has performed professionally across many spectrums as an artist, drummer, songwriter, producer, actor, photographer, blogger, editor, YouTuber, and fitness model, and has been featured on websites, radio, syndicated TV, and motion pictures, as well as in books and magazines. In 2004 he won the Editor's Choice Award at for a poem written years prior as a teenager. An avid libertarian, Friedman has also been a vocal proponent for the cause of liberty, sound money, and free markets, holding that a society where mankind is most free offers the greatest potential for economic prosperity and cultural advancement.

Now as founder and owner of his publishing company, The Friedman Press, Geddy Friedman is the author of revolutionary works in various genres, all united by three common themes—to inspire personal growth, to seek the most beautiful, and to unlock truths leading to an elevated state of universal awareness. A true determined Polymath and Renaissance man of unwavering idealism, his larger-than-life writings take aim to pave the way for a new era of Renaissance.

Geddy Friedman of The Friedman Press
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