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Common Sense Reignited: An Address to the Patriots of America

Original Publication: October 2020
Revised Edition: November 2020


"COMMON SENSE REIGNITED" is a call to arms for all Patriots of America to break free from the concentration of tyrannical powers. In the spirit of "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine, this manifesto boldly challenges the legitimacy of the Growth of Government and the Devolution of Powers to Unelected Entities, replete with Amendment Suggestions for the U.S. Constitution.

Like a perfectly aligned magnifying glass, this timeless exposition goes on to unveil the hidden Oligarchical Agenda that controls American politics, alongside its manipulating mouthpiece—the Mainstream Media. Thoughts are shared about the Present State of American Affairs, charting a path for the Return to a Republican Form of Government. Propositions for a New Normal are presented to help survive the United States as the great cause of liberty for mankind.

Delivered in plain, yet eloquent language, this blazing tour de force captures the essence of 1776 and offers up revolutionary solutions through reasoned philosophy. Positioned as the American Proclamation of the 21st century, "Common Sense Reignited" comes packing with patriotism at a transformative period in American history.

Channels Of Passage: Parts 1–7

Original Publication: April 2011
Revised Edition: June 2017

The captivating poems of “Channels Of Passage” are carefully divided into seven romantically driven epics. Beautiful metaphors are used in the telling of this true-life story, exuding the poet’s rich depth of yearning and passion.

Come alongside the knight on his quest for “Trust & Love” and his journey through “The Dark Lagoon.” Then receive his “Letters To Reception,” discover his “Maiden Beautiful,” follow his “Right To Passage,” experience his “Passion For Pleasure,” and allow yourself to hearken his “Blissful Serenade.”

Channels Of Passage is also conveyed through philosophical concepts and allegories. This is a must-have poetry collection for any dreamer or seeker of love.

Limited Edition Autographed Xlibris Print Copies Still Available.

The very last existing 1st and 2nd Limited Edition Xlibris print copies of "Channels Of Passage: Parts 1–7" are still available in paperback and hardcover. These collectors items are first come, first serve. Once stock is depleted there will be no Xlibris copies to be printed  EVER AGAIN.
All Xlibris copies are numbered and signed by the Author. A helpful "Channels Of Passage" Book Reading Program by Geddy Friedman and a signature "Channels Of Passage" bookmark will be added as gifts with every order.

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Channels Of Passage: Parts 1–7
Xlibris 1st Edition (2011)
Paperback Format:
$8 for one copy; $6 for each additional

Hardcover Format: $15 for one copy; $13 for each additional
Xlibris 2nd Edition (2016)
Paperback Format:
$10 for one copy; $8 for each additional

Hardcover Format: $20 for one copy; $18 for each additional