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BOOK:          Channels Of Passage: Parts 1–7

GENRE:        Epic Poetry
SUBJECT:    Romance, Existentialism, Idealism

EXCERPT:    From "Part 7: Blissful Serenade"



“A thought is planted; my trust laid fair.

 Our souls are granted, to each the other’s care.

 My heartbeat is written with words of endurance.

 I find her heart smitten to save up insurance.


      Goodnight, dearest to my heart—     

      My dream for two, a wish apart.     

      True may it be, when nighttime starts,     

      You're in my dreams and in my heart.


 A prayer is given; my love made clear.

 Our souls are driven, to each what is dear.

 My spell is broken by cries in the night.

 I cherish the token of what was once right.


      Goodnight, dearest to my heart—

      My dream for two, a wish apart.

      Though all goes dark, when light departs,

      You're in my dreams and in my heart.


 Close your eyes; find whatever is true.

 A fantastic world of dreams awaits you.

 In Castles and Kingdoms, you’ll spend your time here;

 No need to break out—everything is sincere!

 Now picture this, love as real as can be;

 All that you need to set your mind free.

 As dreamers and seekers, we'll find our hearts here;

 Without any doubts—everything is sincere!


      The beauty of it sweet,

      The grace of it right,

      Entangled in sweet dreams—

      Goodnight! goodnight!


      The moment in a tease,

      To come before the light;

      Whispering sweet dreams—

      Goodnight! goodnight!


      Little darling hold true,

      And let the rest become of you . . .” 


Copyright © Geddy Friedman